Why should the Building Contractor be the Designer too?

Let us count the reasons!
1) Design by individuals in touch with today’s construction costs
– A Design/Builder will be better able to educate you on the costs of things and design better toward your preferred spending goals. Just remember the more nice things you design into your project, the more it will cost!
2) Streamline entire process
– No separate silos, so much better communication. Reduce surprises. Eliminate the blame game.
3) Increased accountability
– There is single point of accountability regarding what can or can’t be done. No finger pointing!
4) Cohesive interaction between designer and builder
– They are one and the same! Someone who designs and builds should have a wealth of experience which benefits you and saves   you from making decisions you later regret.
5) Quick resolution to differing interpretations or challenges
– There is no one else to blame, expect only solutions!
6) Reduced delivery schedule
– Planning for construction can start happening while drawings are being developed which shaves time off the delivery schedule.