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Hiring a Remodeler

Thinking about remodeling but don't know where to begin? When you are ready to take on your home remodeling project, there are a lot of things to consider when looking for the right contractor. Selecting a remodeling contractor isn't as simple as looking through the...

Value of a Good Design

What’s the value of a Good Design? I’m amazed at the number of people around who are willing to invest tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars into improving their home without expecting to invest first in coming up with a good design. Civil War veteran and former...

Now you see us!

The new Pennings Handyman building sign is up and it looks great! If you drive by be sure to take a look and see if you can spot it!

Pennings Handyman: Satisfaction guaranteed!

Pennings Handyman stands behind their work and aims to provide each client with 100% satisfaction. We'll be on the lookout for those satisfied clients who want to be featured in our "Pennings Handyman 100% satisfied client" campaign!