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There are a lot of reasons why making a home more accessible makes sense.

Here are a few:

1. You plan to stay in your home indefinitely.
2. You want an aging parent or adult to live in their home indefinitely.
3. You wish to invite an aging parent (or a parent with a disability) to live in your home.
4. You need to create a space that accommodates a new normal, as a result of accident, illness, or injury.
5. You want to accommodate a child or sibling with special needs.

Pennings & Sons is certified by the National Association of Home Builders as Aging in Place Specialists. This means we have the knowledge and ability to design and remodel homes so you and your loved ones can stay in them longer. After a thorough assessment of your current home, we may consider widening doorways and opening up bathrooms or kitchens to accommodate wheelchairs, adding grab bars and/or handrails to accommodate diminishing strength and balance, increasing lighting as vision becomes more impaired, creating new living spaces for aging parents, building roll-in showers or walk-in closets, applying technology to assist where possible, and so much more.

Sometimes the choice is to start from scratch, building a new home for families who are facing existing or future mobility challenges. But other times we may remodel an already built home to provide the same flexibility. It simply depends on home structure and budget.

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An Amazing Partnership
“What distinguished Pennings from many others was the lack of duplication I saw in the homes they worked on. It was important to me to not have my add-on look like an add-on and they nailed this with the first presentation! When Brian came to see me, he asked me questions, unlike a lot of other builders who just talked about themselves. He really took the time to get to know what I desired. Then he made it happen, guiding me and including me every step of the way! Amazing experience!”

Dee Fitzsimmons

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